One of Bordentown’s spookiest traditions has been put on hold—at least for now.

Residents of the city’s Thompson Street will not be decorating their homes for Halloween this year. The news was announced on the event’s Facebook page.

“Hello Friends!” the post read. “The rumors are true. Halloween on Thompson Street is on pause this year! Keep an eye out next year for our return!!”

The post quickly gained over 80 comments—most of them welcoming the “well-deserved” break and thanking Thompson Streeters for their years of dedication.

“Thank you so much for giving us so many years of FREE enjoyment!! Have a great year off, enjoy Halloween on your own terms!! Looking forward to your return next year!!” read one comment.

Thompson Street residents, led by Frank Rios, have been putting together elaborate, themed Halloween displays since 2005. Past themes have included witches, pirates, vampires, jack-o-lanterns and aliens.

The annual tradition brings people to Bordentown City from all over New Jersey throughout October, and it is hugely popular on Halloween. Organizers are confident it will return next year.